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No Ticket Required Cinema Club

Once a fortnight we choose a film to watch at home and then ‘meet’ via zoom for a shared discussion, and as an introduction I produce a short video to get you thinking.

Here is a link to one of the previous videos. 

If you want to join (it is free by the way) visit the Waterman’s website and look for this.


Where is Watermans?  Click Here

(Sample notes here: Téchiné  or The Illusionist)

20th ticket

2020-21 Dates

Saturday French Impressions should be starting again in September. 1pm for talk, 2.30 for feature followed by Q and A. Finish by 5.

Provisional dates:

Sep 25
Oct 23
Nov 20
Dec 18

The Cinema Museum – French Sundaes

2021 Dates! Watch this space….but the next season will be

  • La Kermesse Héroïque (Carnival in Flanders) one of the great French films of the 30’s. A small town in 17th century Flanders anticipates the invasion of Spanish army. Resist or appease? Their cunning plan proves a surprise to everyone. Jacques Feyder’s award-winning comedy in a newly restored version. More about the film. With a look at the French popular cinema of the 30’s.
  • Le Dernier Combat (The last battle), Luc Besson’s storming look at a dystopian post nuclear French landscape with tension, humour and all the traits that led him to become one of France’s most popular directors.  Trailer here.  We will be looking at the director Besson became as introduction.
  • Un Homme et une femme (A man and a Woman) the quintessential French romance that won its maker, Claude Lelouch, an Oscar and had everyone humming Daaaa Daaaa Daaaa dadidadida daaa daaa daaa dadidadida Here’s a link if you don’t know what I’m talking about . Accompanied by a look at the work of Claude Lelouch.
  • Swimming Pool François Ozon’s excellent thriller with Charlotte Rampling and Ludivine Sagnier. Something twisty and funny to finish off the season.


Morley College Waterloo

     0207 450 1889 or online booking for details

 Current Film and Theatre – Starts again in April – online by Zoom.

     PDF of summer term 16 choices as an example

          One week the class watch on line or visit a film  and the next week discuss it.

          A chance to learn more about current trends and become your own critic!

“This class took me to films, play and even places I would never have been to by myself – really exciting.’

         Held at Morley College itself. Book now for Summer 2021

Video of how the class works


A brief history of Modern French Cinema in 11 classes 1959-2017 (Watch this space – Covid…)

      Classes held at the Cinema Museum (see above)                                                    

   Autumn term 2021  Tuesday evenings 7.00 to 9.00

I am very pleased that we will have a chance to look at the history of Modern French Cinema.

 Again at the lovely Cinema Museum in Kennington.

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“I thought the time line approach and the balance of clips to information was nicely realised.  Plus great infectious enthusiasm from your good self.  Keeping the energy up so important in a group and you got it just right.”

Other courses, KS3, A level, Film Societies etc. by arrangement.

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