Enjoyed Call my agent and want to see the actors in their best roles?

I was asked (thanks Dave and Alison) to offer some links to the actors who appear in this wonderful programme and below you will find a list of films I think will fit in nicely to the Call My Agent zeitgeist and display the various actors to their best.

Health warnings though:

  • Quite a few of the ‘stars’ are mainly known to French audiences for TV series, so for instance regarding Audrey Fleurot Spirals/Engrenages will be known to UK audiences but the marvellous Une Village Français won’t be.
  • Some of the films are available only in French such as Camping, Clara et Moi
  • You may have to hunt Amazon. Netflix Mubi.

Happy to receive your own suggestions and send me links to where they can be streamed.

The first table is reserved for the talent at ASK!

ActorRoleSuggested film to savour
Grégory MantelGabrielLes Parfums 2020
Lilliane RevèreArletteVénus Béauté Institut 1999
Thibault de MontalambertMathiasAurore 2016
Laure CalamyNoémieAntoinettes dans les Cevénnes 2020
Fanny SidneyCamilleNot yet
Stéfi CelmaSofiaNot yet
Nicolas MauryHervéNot yet
Camille CottinAndréaConasse – Princesse des coeurs 2014


SeasonEpisodeStarsSuggested film to savour
11Cecile de FranceLA Gamin au vélo 2011
 2Line RenaudBienvenue chez les Ch’tis 2007
  François FabianMa Nuit Chez Maude 1974
 3Nathalie Baye  Vénus Béauté Institut 1999
  Laura SmetLes Gardiennes 2016
 4Audrey FleurotIntouchables 2011 and of course Engrenages/Spirals on TV
 5Julie GayetClara et moi 2003
  Joey StarrPolisse 2011
 6François BerléandAu revoir les enfants 1987


SeasonEpisodeStarsSuggested film to savour
27Virginie EfiraDead man talking 2013
 8Fabrice Luchini  Alceste à bicyclette 2013
  Christophe LambertSubway 1985
 9None of real note 
 10Isabelle Adjani  L’été meutrier 1983
 11Guy MarchandGarde à vue 1981
 12Juliette BinocheTrois couleurs bleu 1993


SeasonEpisodeStarsSuggested film to savour
313Jean DujardinThe Artist 2011
 14Monica BellucciAsterix et Obelix: Mission Cléopatre 2001
 15Gérard LanvinLe gout des autres 2000
 16Isabelle AdjaniLa Reine Margot 1993
 17Béatrice Dalle37.2 le matin (Betty Blue) 1985
 18Camille CottinConasse – Princesse des coeurs 2014


SeasonEpisodeStarsSuggested film to savour
419Charlotte GainsbourgMa femme est une actrice 2001
 20Franck DuboscCamping 2006
 21José GarciaExtension du domaine de la lutte 1989
 22Sandrine KiberlainBetty Fisher 2000
 23Sigourney WeaverAlien 1992
 24Jean RenoLe Dernier Combat 1983