Bibliography (continued)

Good reference Good read In French

Robert Bresson Keith Reader

Cahiers du Cinema The 1950’s Ed Jim Hillier

Short Cuts – The French New Wave by Naomi Greene 2011 – very good intro.

Nouvelle Vague Jean Douchet

Philippe Noiret Dominique Maillet

Cahiers du Cinema (monthly magazine)

Early Film Criticism of Francois Truffaut* Francois Truffaut

Bardot, Deneuve and Fonda Roger Vadim

The Taste for Beauty Eric Rohmer

Alain Resnais Marcel Oms

Godard  Richard Roud

Claude Chabrol Robin Wood and Michael Walker

Godard on Godard Ed Jean Narboni

The New Wave James Monaco

Cahiers Du Cinema 1960-68 Ed Jim Hillier

Godard, Image Sounds, Politics Colin McCabe

Eric Rohmer-Realist and Moralist C.G.Crisp

Malle on Malle Ed Philip French

Eric Rohmer Pascale Bonitur

Francois Truffaut C.G.Crisp

Truffaut by Truffaut Francois Truffaut

‘Truffaut A Biography’ Antoine de Baecque and Serge Toubiana.

RivetteTexts and Interviews Jonathan Rosenbaum

Truffaut on Truffaut Francois Truffaut

Francois Truffaut Letters Translated by Gilbert Adair (Faber and Faber)

Au Revoir les Enfants/Lacombe Lucien (In English) Louis Malle

Godard and Others Louis D.Gianetti

Claude Lelouche-Film Director Peter Lev

Shoot the Piano Player- Francois Truffaut, Director Peter Brunette

African Cinema Manthia Diawara

La Nuit Americaine Roger Crittenden

Cahiers Du Cinema 1969-72 Ed Nick Browne

Maurice Pialat Joel Magny

Bertrand Blier – Sue Harris, MUP

Tavernier Jean-Luc Douin

The Cinema in France-After the New Wave** Jill Forbes

Marguerite Duras Leslie Hill

Luc Besson Susan Hayward

Diane Kurys Carrie Tarr

The ‘Three Colours’ Trilogy Geoff Andrew

Three Colours Scenarios (French) Krzysztf KieslowskI

Contemporary French Cinema Guy Austin

Projections 9/Positif   (Special on French Cinema)

Coline Serreau Brigitte Rollet

France in focus – Film and National Identity, Sue Harris and Elizabeth Ezra.

Encore Hollywood, Lucy Mazdon

Nationalism and the Cinema in France  Hugo Frey

French Film in Britain – Sex, Art and Cinephilia, Lucy Mazdon and Catherine Wheatley

Finally two really good introductions:

French Cinema – a Student’s Guide—Phil Powrie and Keith Reader

The French Cinema Book—Edited by Michael Temple and Michael Witt

Ciotat Railway Station, site of one of the Lumière brothers’ first films.

Thanks to Stephen Colmer. For photo.

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