Jon Davies 20th Anniversary

I was made an Associate of the British Film Institute many years ago and am the tutor in French Cinema at Morley College, Waterloo, London. I run French Cinema classes there and at other arts centres in Britain.    Listen to me explain the joys of French Cinema

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  • It contains: French films coming up on TV
  • Lists of courses and events I am running
  • Special events in London around French Cinema
  • Recommendations and news .

This web site is intended for my students in London and those interested in learning more about the history of French Cinema. On these pages you will find

Suggestions are always welcome.  Email me  at arnottdavies@gmail.com

What people have said:

  • Jon was very entertaining and did a good job of bringing us into the discussion.

  • …a speaker whose knowledge was very impressive but who also really took an interest in his audience and blended his expertise with humour. Formidable

  • Excellent historical background

  • Great mixture of clips and conversation

  • Have increased my knowledge of French film and French culture

  • The most enjoyable course I have done in England

  • Interesting and thought-provoking

  • Previously knowing nothing about the subject I now feel confident to discuss  the evolution of French Cinema

  • Improved my cultural awareness and ability to interpret cinema

  • Endlessly fascinating

  • Thank you from both my partner and I for the delightful Sunday session that you gave to us recently on Renoir. We were both captivated and, time permitting, shall follow up some of the directions that you opened up to us.

  • Rated ‘Grade one outstanding’ in teaching observations.

Read some of my pieces:

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