This is in a rough chronological order. Alas some are out of print but good hunting on the internet will produce results.

Good reference Good read In French

Decouvertes (Gallimard Series) Various

Screening Europe Duncan Retrie

The Great French Films James Reid Paris

Histoire du cinéma français Jean-Pierre Jeancolas

Guide des Films (two volumes in French) Jacques Lourcelles

French Film Texts Susan Hayward and Ginette Vincendeau

Le Cinéma français Jacques Sicilier

The French through their films Robin Russ

Cinema et Revolution  Rayond Lefevre

French National Cinema (writing) Susan Hayward

The Virgin International Encyclopedia of Film James Monaco

The Virgin International FIlm Guide James Monaco

Republic of Images – A history of French Filmmaking Alan Williams

A biographical Dictionary of the Cinema David Robinson

What is Cinema? André Bazin

French Cinema- The First Wave 1915-29** Richard Abel

Georges Melies David Robnson

The Ciné Goes to Town, French Cinema 1896-1914 Richard Abel

Auguste et Louis Lumière Jacques Rittaud-Hutinet

French Film Theory and Criticicm 1907-1939 Richard Abel

Pierre Braumberger-Producteur Jacques Gerber

Napoleon Abel Gance

Napoleon Jacques Bertoin

Le cinéma et moi Sacha Guitry

Jean Giono et le cinéma Jacques Meny  French

Masterworks of the French Cinema, Italian Straw hat, La Ronde, Wages of Fear  Various

René Clair ou le temps mesuré Olivier Barrot

The Golden Age of French Cinema 1929-1939 John W.Martin

Jean Vigo by P E Salles Gomes

Jean Renoir Andre Bazin

‘My Life And My Films’ by Jean Renoir .(Da Capo Press, New York).

Jacques Prevert  Claire Blakeway

Jean Renoir Ronald Bergen

Renoir on Renoir Jean Renoir

Mists of Regret, Culture and sensibility in classic French film  Dudley Andrew

La vie est a nous– French Cinema 1935-38 Ginette Vincendeau/Keith Reader

Cinema Engage – The Film in the Popular Front Jonathan Buchsbaum

Les Films de Carné Michel Perez

Pépé le Moko Ginette Vincendeau

Child of Paradise-Marcel Carné and the Golden Age of French Cinema Edward Baron Tork

Jean Cocteau and his films of Orphic Identity  Arthur B.Evans

Jean Cocteau, The Art of Cinema Marion Boyers

The Classic French Cinema 1930-60 Colin Crisp

The Films of Jacques Tati Michel Chion

Jacques Tati David Bellos

Le cinéma français sous l’occupation René Chateau

Robert Bresson, l’aventure intérieure René Prédal

European Cinema 1939-1960 Pierre Sorlin

Robert Bresson Michel Esteve

Cinema of Paradox-Filming under the occupation Evelyn Erlich

Nationalism and Cinema in France – Hugo Frey

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