Film clips

On this page a few clips to wet your appetite for French cinema.

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And my Utube site has many more – look for Treeshaveears channel on Utube.

Click here to see the first ever motion picture! Workers Leaving the factory of Louis and Auguste Lumière 1895.

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   Click here to watch Georges Méliès’s extraordinary A Trip to the Moon  (French: Voyage dans la Lune) from 1902

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Click here to watch the amazing Une Héroine de quatre ans (A hero at four). One of the early story films and made by one of the first women filmmakers, Alice Guy-Blaché. From 1907.

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Want to understand the Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) in two minutes…?  watch this

Would you believe that Eric ROhmer in his ate sixties made a pop video in 1986?

Would you believe that in 1986 Eric Rohmer made a pop video…  Bois ton café.